We’d like to give you an update on the work of FLOC in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon since our visit there in October.

This year we have worked hard, and thanks to generous donations from many individuals, businesses, and churches, as well as trusts and foundations, we have raised nearly £20,000 for the very first Sam’s House!

The Sam’s House – Little Friendly Space in Lebanon will provide a safe, therapeutic space for Syrian refugee children ages 2.5 – 5 years old. Many of these children have lost their families, homes, and friends and are deeply affected by their experiences. They are scared, confused, and looking for a sense of safety and hope, which the Sam’s House – Little Friendly Space will provide. The children will be able to process their trauma through play, art, crafts, music, drama, and stories. It will be a place where they can learn to be children again.

The Sam’s House – Little Friendly Space will provide 60 children with the opportunity to attend weekly. It will be run through a collaborative partnership with LSESD (the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development). Also known as the Lebanese Baptist Society, LSESD was established locally in 1998, and is a well respected organisation that works closely with local churches. Following our visit to Lebanon in 2016, we were delighted to find these wonderful partners who have vast experience and are able to manage things on the ground.