Sam’s House Project Iraq


We are currently fundraising for a new project in a refugee camp in Iraq.

Our aim is to provide either a Sam’s House structure or start on a community mobile basis.  We are in discussions with a small team on the ground and will update as we progress this further.

In 2014 IS launched a coordinated attack across a region of Northern Iraq, the attack came from all four sides and the local population were unprotected and defenceless as IS advanced.  In the hours and days that followed 12,000 people were killed or abducted by IS.

It is estimated that around 250,000 people fleed to Mount Sinjar where they were surrounded by IS for days in temperatures above 40 degrees.  IS prevented access to food, water and medical care, and many died before a rescue operation finally provided an escape.

Many houses were destroyed leaving them homeless and Refugee camps both offical and not offical have been set up.

Many children still suffer from the traumatising events that occured and we want to be able to reach this generation.  We want to provide training and support on trauma therapy and offer the listening stone programme to these children.  Ideally we would like this to be in a Sam’s House space, providing arts and crafts, toys, games, and music.

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