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Donna Jennings, the founder of For the Love Of a Child (FLOC) is a trained dramatherapist and cross professional clinical supervisor.  She has worked in the UK and overseas delivering training to professionals in order to support the health and well being of children who have suffered with trauma due to poverty, personal circumstances and war.  Donna created the Listening Stone Programme in conjunction with research by professor Divya Jindal -snape from Dundee university who is Chair of Education, Inclusion and Life Transitions in the School of Education and Social Work. The Listening stone programme is targeted at primary school aged children, including those with special needs, but there is also a specially written version for pre- school/ nursery children. Our programmes have had government recognition and have shown in evaluation that over 80% of children who attended our programmes had improvement in their psychosocial health and well-being.

Who is this training for?

If you are a  dramatherapist, arts psychotherapist,  counsellor or another professional working in this field with children and young people you can purchase the licence to become a practitioner in the Listening Stone Programme.

What is the LSP programme?

The Listening Stone Programme (LSP) is an eight-session programme aimed for children in primary school who may have experienced trauma, loss, or bereavement. This could be due to neglect poverty, conflict, war, displacement, or other adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).  The eight sessions focus on these issues using themes that cover loss, friendship, identity, fear, anxiety, depression, resilience, hope, destiny, and purpose.  The programme has been developed to offer a safe, therapeutic, playful, and creative space for children. Children can explore, in a non- threatening way, the issues they’ve faced using drama, puppets, movement and music specifically aimed at helping them process difficulties they may have experienced.

The session activities are informed and underpinned theoretically by principles of dramatherapy, by Sue Jennings’ work on Embodiment-Projection-Role (EPR), and also by some of the latest research around trauma-informed practice Erikson’s early psychosocial development theory...  The (LSP) programme has been designed for use in educational settings, and organisations working with vulnerable children in the UK or abroad.

All the money that is raised through this training programme goes into our projects to support young children, through our Sam’s house projects or community based programmes.


The Listening Stone Training package costs £500 for a UK individual as well as a yearly licence fee of £145 and can only be used in the UK.

If you are an organisation abroad please contact us for a quote, prices start at £3,000 for training up to four members of staff as well as a yearly licence fee.

Online training with Donna Jennings on the background and theory underpinning the programme and an interactive workshop on how to deliver the programme. Also included will be top tips followed by a question and answer session  This will be a two hour session via zoom due to the current restrictions of Covid19.

● The Listening Stone story.  This will be a hard copy

● Music – Downloadable

● 10 x Activity booklets – Downloadable

● Facilitators guides – Downloadable

● Large puppet of No Name (the main character in the story) for the interactive sessions.  This puppet is handmade and has a six week lead time, as soon as you order the whole package she will be placed on order for you.

● A video production of The Listening Stone

● Promotional leaflet.

The training sessions via zoom with Donna Jennings will cover

  • Defining dramatherapy
  • The importance of play and drama with children
  • Stories and Metaphor as a container.
  • Early years psychosocial development.
  • Embodiment-projection and Role.
  • Workshop on how to deliver the sessions
  • Top tips and reflective tools.
  • Referral/assessment/evaluation methods and procedures


For more information or questions about the Listening Stone programme please email Donna Jennings at

Feedback and more information

Some feedback from the children who have been in the listening stone programme.

I have more friends now.
I listen more.
I don’t fall out as much with my friends.
I am more confident in crowds.
I liked the singing and the dancing.
I liked talking.
I sometimes get worried but have been able to share this in the group.
I am better at meeting new people.
I am less shy.

Feedback from a professional 

“The activities are very clearly explained and the focus is clear from the start gives the reader clear direction and what they hope to achieve. The activity pack gives lots of scope for kids to reflect, develop their thinking and responses. I like the fact the pictures are included in the story. The story is lovely. The pack is very full and I think I could use it as a therapist.”

More Information

The Listening Stone Programme supports schools that are promoting health and well-being, respecting the rights of others, and promoting emotional literacy, in line with local and national policy. The LSP ties in with the outcomes and indicators outlined in professional guidance, eg, the Curriculum for Excellence, the NHS, SHANARRI, and NICE. Further information on how the LSP links with the strategy and policy in your field can be found at the following websites:

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