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We are a small charity so the money you donate goes further and allows us to make a difference to these children’s lives


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Can you change the life of just one child? for just £5.00 a week you can help us continue the vital work in Lebanon.


Our Mission

We use creative therapeutic  approaches to bring healing and freedom to children and their families who have suffered trauma and loss,


For the Love of a Child is a Scottish Christian faith based charity and was founded in 2010 by Tom and Donna Jennings following the tragic death of their little boy Samuel.

Sam died suddenly at just five years old from heart failure whilst happily playing at a fruit farm. This tragedy was the catalyst for Tom and Donna to look for ways to bring hope and love into the lives of children and families who have also suffered with trauma and loss.


Located on the border with Syria in the Bekka valley, is our Sam’s House little friendly space project.

We have 60 Syrian refugee children aged 2.5 – 5 years who attend this pre – primary education project. The children’s lives have been torn apart by the war in Syria, many have seen their loved ones killed in front of them. When traumatic events like these occur arrestment of healthy development can take place.

Sam’s House LFS offers these children themed sessions that have been designed to offer them psycho-social support. These sessions can involve singing, movement, drama and art activities, as well as having free play where they can simply be themselves.

Through play a child can learn to explore, express, unlock and process their trauma safely to resume their development into healthy adulthood.

Big Heart Foundation

Dundee is the fourth largest city in Scotland with high unemployment.  It unenviably has the highest rate of suicide in young men.  ​

At the moment this project is at the very early stages of development but our dream is to have a multi-purpose venue that offers a therapeutic, creative and a reflective space where children and families can process some of their challenges due to trauma, loss and bereavement.

Our Causes

Syrian Refugee Children

Raised: £4,130.00
Goal: £27,000.00

The Left Behind China

Raised: £0.00
Goal: £10,000.00

Big Heart Project Dundee

Raised: £1,500.00
Goal: £100,000.00

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The only way we can keep For the Love of a Child going and change these children’s lives is by having support from people like you! There are so many ways you can make a change in this world through For the Love of a Child.

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