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Sam’s House Afghanistan was set up to support children living in a children’s home in the centre of Kabul.  The children had no access to toys and rarely ventured out of the house where they were living.  Many of the children were disabled or had developmental delay which made it difficult within a country and culture such as Afghanistan.  The children initially were very quiet and withdrawn.

We began by spending time with the children’s carers, talking and listening to their stories, allowing  their voice to be heard.  The carers were able to play with the equipment at Sam’s house, to dress up and to laugh.  By allowing the carers of these children to relax and be “a child again” if for only a brief moment allowed them to see the importance of play.

As the children visited the centre we saw a closer connection between the children and carers, they painted masks together, swung on the swings and in the midst of war in Afghanistan the children and carers had fun.

Over the time Sam’s House was running we saw a significant change in the children.  Some of the children became a lot more energetic and would bounce to their hearts content on the trampoline and race around the yard, and others would prefer the calm of our sensory area with bubble tubes and tactile toys.  Others could suddenly paint circles and do things they had previously struggled to do.  It was wonderful to see the children respond to play and arts and crafts in such a positive way.

Afghanistan however still remains a very volatile country.  A decision was taken to sadly close Sam’s House Afghanistan due to the threat levels at that time.  We were able however to leave specialist equipment and toys with another NGO within the country.

It’s also important to note that our main focus is to impart a positive role on the carers we meet, where we can teach what we know in an unassuming way. That by playing and laughing with them it releases hope.  So when we do have to leave they can move forward and go on to encourage others, and to look after the children in a positive way.

Living Stones Pakistan 2012-2014

Floc supported the Living stones school in Okara Pakistan.

The school provides education for some of the poor Christian children in this area.

Floc helped provide uniforms and books and salaries for the teachers, many of the children are now in school and so are now less vulnerable, and have a hope and a future.

Living Stones Pakistan 2014-2015

We supported the Living stones Water project that helped provide clean water to residents in the Okara region.

This project has helped to bring fresh water to the Muslim and Christian communities in Okara; not only has it helped bring fresh clean water, but it also helped build stronger relationships between the two communities. There had been on-going tensions between the communities and it was hoped the project would bring more peace and goodwill to the region, this is what happened.

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Our projects and programmes are developed with an emphasis on the emotional and mental health and well-being of children and their families and our current focus is Sam’s House little friendly space in Lebanon.

We are in the early stages of developing the Big Heart Dundee project in Scotland which will be a multi-purpose venue that will offer a safe, therapeutic, creative and reflective space for children and their families who have suffered with loss and bereavement.

Love a Child, Change a life.

About Us

For the Love of a Child is a Scottish Christian faith based charity and was founded in 2010 by Tom and Donna Jennings following the tragic death of their little boy Samuel.

Sam died suddenly at just five years old from heart failure whilst happily playing at a fruit farm. This tragedy was the catalyst for Tom and Donna to look for ways to bring hope and love into the lives of children and families who have also suffered with trauma and loss.

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