On The Last few days of our trip we visited the Refugee camps in the Bekkaa Valley on the Syrian Border. This was an overwhelming experience as the people living there have had to flee for their lives, having experienced so much trauma and loss, to a place where they are now living in such poverty. They have uncertain futures and yet made us feel so welcome and extended such hospitality. We visited one camp established by an organisation called ‘Triumphant Mercy’ that was classed as a five star camp as it had water and toilets and the refugees’ were able to work. New camps are springing up all the time as more and more Syrians flee into lebanon; I was amazed by the resilience of these people and their entrepreunerial nature.



One thing that really tugged at my heart were the pre-school children. I regularly saw five or six children crammed into the small family tents or wandering around on the dusty paths outside with very little to do.

Following on from the Lebanon trip; Donna will undertake a further visit in Nov to identify possible sites for a Sam’s House within the camps. The Sam’s House will be a safe place for early year’s children to learn through play while the mums are able to work. A sewing social enterprise will be established so that mums and young children can learn, spend quality time and have fun playing together.