Sponsor a child

We have 60 children a day who attend our Sam’s House little friendly space
which has been set up in a tented area in Lebanon right on the border with Syria.  The children are aged 2.5 -5 years of age. Our programme has been designed to help each child work through their anxieties, many children saw a number of atrocities in Syria, many have lost loved ones.

They now face a future of uncertainty and have to cope with their displacement living in another country in refugee camps.With your support of £20.00 a month, one child will receive a place at Sam’s House for a year including a nutritious hot meal daily.

Please help us to rebuild these children’s lives that have been blown apart by this awful war.

You will receive regular updates on our work in Lebanon and the progress being made in Sam’s house.  We do this through a newsletter online to save printing costs so your money goes directly to where it is needed.

Although you will sponsor a child in the Sam’s house programme we are unable at this time to release specific children’s names due to security. But know that by sponsoring just one child you will make a huge difference in their lives.

For the Love of a Child works with local NGO’s on the ground to empower the local community. We don’t create dependency, the staff at Sam’s House little friendly space are Refugees and have been trained to support the children. They receive a wage so that they can support and feed their own children.

The only way we can keep For the Love of a Child going and change these children’s lives is by having support from people like you! There are so many ways you can make a change in this world through For the Love of a Child.