Core Values

Why the charity has been established…

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are informed by our faith in a loving Heavenly Father and the works of Jesus, His son, who reached out in love to the lost, the broken, the rejected and the vulnerable.

Freedom from fear and slavery- We believe in a world where everyone has this right. It was for freedom that Christ has set us free.

Love is at the very heart of what we do. We love because He loved us first.

It is because of the knowledge that we are loved and valued; that we reach out to love and value others.

Overcoming – We believe in helping people to become overcomers and find resilience, courage and hope.

Their past does not define them, their pain can be turned into their purpose and hope for a better future.

Courage, compassion  and creativity. We are courageous in our commitment to see each individual child and their family healed, restored and set free.

We compassionately come along side others and use creative and innovative therapeutic approaches to bring healing and freedom. We believe in a creative God who loves us to express our individuality. 

Our Mission is simply to help bring healing to the broken-hearted, freedom from fear and restoration of hope to those in despair. 

FLOC works alongside children and their families who have suffered trauma and loss.

Our aim is to allow the healing power of Christ to repair broken emotions and heal inner wounds through play, stories, creative arts, therapies, counselling and prayer.


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